One fifth of Internet users receives more than 5 phishing mails a day

Posted on Wednesday, February 22 2006 @ 23:30 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Sophos surveyed 600 business users and found that almost 60 percent receives one or more phishing e-mails a day. Twenty two percent even receives five or more daily.
"The reason phishing e-mails are so prevalent is due to their success rate," said Carole Theriault, senior security consultant at Sophos, in a statement. "If you receive more than five phishes per day, you're either alert to the dangers or you're likely to have been robbed blind.

"With crooks employing more and more devious methods to dupe users, the best advice is to always be wary of unsolicited e-mails, and at all costs avoid parting with confidential information," she added.
More details over here.

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