Cell phones can disrupt airplane navigation

Posted on Thursday, March 02 2006 @ 22:13:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A new study reports found that cell phones can disrupt normal operation of key cockpit instruments, especially GPS receivers. Airline passengers that make cell phone calls while flying could cause severe accidents and according to the study an average of four calls are made on every commercial flight in the United States:
Despite the U.S. ban on cellular calls on airplanes, air travelers have a hard time keeping their hands off their mobiles and often make calls during critical stages of the flight such as final approach, according to a research team from Carnegie Mellon University.

As part of the study, released Monday, the research team filled their hand luggage with a broadband antenna and spectrum analyzer and boarded random airplanes crossing the Northeast United States. Picking up signals from cell phone calls onboard, they found that an average of one to four calls are made on every U.S. commercial flight.
More details over at CNET.