Intel Woodcrest server processor 80 percent faster

Posted on Tuesday, March 07 2006 @ 21:21 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel's processors have been lagging behind in terms of performance on AMD's processors for a couple of years now but the chip giant is heading back again.

That's what Intel's CTO Justin Rattner said today at the IDF in San Francisco. According to Intel the Conroe desktop processor will be 40 percent faster than the current generation, while using 40 percent less power.

The Woodcrest server processor is even more impressive. This processor will feature 80 percent more power and 35 percent less power consumption!
Since the Pentium in 1993, every increase in performance means more energy per instruction. For the last 10 years the amount of energy required to execute an instruction has increased by a factor of four.

Israeli engineers saved Intel’s butt with the Pentium M, said Rattner. The Pentium M allowed Intel to take a giant step backwards, he said. Two points define a line, the Israeli guys could produce as much energy efficiency as the original Pentium.

Core microarchitecture, said Rattner, includes energy efficient performance for desktops, for notebooks and for servers. Intel is making chips at 65 nanometres at four fabs across the world, said the techie chief. He said Intel is a year ahead of the competition and in the second half will move to 45 nanometres.
Source: The Inquirer.

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