Review : Belkin Universal UPS 800VA

Posted on Thursday, November 21 2002 @ 12:47 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The guys over at LANParty have taken a look on the Belkin Universal UPS 800VA :
Ever stick your finger in the power outlet as a small child? Then you know how much power it takes to run your computer and monitor! Thanks to the miracle of modern engineering, companies such as Belkin and APC have come up with ingenious little products to help power your comptuer after the lights go out! These Universal Power supplies are essentially really big backup batteries for your system, but also have the added effect of cleaning up the power going to your system, as well as giving you a warranty against lightening damage. How does Belkin's entry into the world of backups contend, read on, intrepid reader...chicks will love you for it!

Quote: "Remember the days when LAN parties were the realm of a bunch of geeks in their mom’s basement, fragging and bragging about how their 66 Mhz Intel powerhouse could run any program you threw at it, and could surf pr0n, err…education websites at a blazing 2400 bauds? Back in the day, things were simpler. Enough nostalgia…flash-forward to today, with veritable supercomputers compared to those of yore, with all variety of flashing lights, case mods, and gigantic power supplies. Heck, even the routers and switches used at the bigger LANs today have more power under the hood than the typewriter that you used to play Doom on. And what does every supercomputer need? Power. Whereas before a few well trained hamsters in wheels could probably power your entire LAN party, today’s high-performance networks require a bit more to keep gaming going smoothly."

Review Link : LANParty

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