Scientists discover mammal that was assumed to be extinct 11 million years ago

Posted on Friday, March 10 2006 @ 22:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A Laotian rodent was rediscovered in Southeast Asia. This mammal was believed to have gone extinct 11 million years ago.
It was thought to have gone extinct 11 million years ago — a chipmunk-sized, brush-tailed rodent with a long head and quick paws well-suited for scooting across the rock escarpments of ancient China and Pakistan.

Then last year in central Laos, western scientists spotted an unusual animal carcass in a meat market near the Mekong River. So unusual, in fact, that it turned out to represent a new rodent family — the first new mammal family to be announced in 30 years. The researchers called it Laonastes aenigmamus, the Laotian "rock rat." Local people call it "kha-nyou."
More details over at Seattle Times.

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