VoodooPC Omen Quad SLI PC launched

Posted on Tuesday, March 14 2006 @ 1:21 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
VoodooPC today introduced the Voodoo OMEN Quad SLI Personal Computer. Featuring four NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs), a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 processor and Voodoo's F5 Liquid Cooling System with Silent Phase radial fans, the OMEN Quad SLI is THE perfect gaming PC for extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts who want blazing fast frame rates, the best cinematic gaming experience and near silent performance.

The OMEN Quad SLI, which has been certified for Quad SLI technology by NVIDIA, features four GPUs from the newly announced NVIDIA GeForce 7900 Series with an ASUS nForce4 SLI motherboard -- making the OMEN Quad SLI one of the fastest gaming PCs on the market! With the four NVIDIA GPUs working together to form one image, users will experience extreme high definition resolutions up to 2560x1600, along with the smoothest frame rates possible when playing today's newest games. In addition, support for a new 32x antialiasing mode along with 16x anisotropic filtering enables dazzling visuals and superior image quality for a truly extraordinary gaming experience.

Quad SLI technology also allows users to enjoy high-definition video quality, thanks to its revolutionary PureVideo technology. No matter the source of the video, PureVideo provides eye-catching picture quality while watching TV, DVDs and high-definition video of any size. This allows users to enlarge small videos to fill the entire screen while still maintaining high-quality image detail.

Additionally, the use of dual-core AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 processors enables enhanced multitasking capabilities, allowing users to play games while at the same time instant messaging their friends or listening to music. Furthermore, Voodoo's F5 Liquid Cooling System and Silent Phase radial fans work together to keep excess heat generated by high-performance components in check and maintain noise at a minimum.

Additional features include:
  • Finished with brushed anodized machined aluminum construction
  • Mirrored interior
  • Rubber shoes to prevent vibration
  • Ability to install up to 4 terabytes of storage
  • The OMEN Quad SLI, which can be customized to a user's preferences, starts with an MSRP of $7,000USD.

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