Intel Core architecture to close the gap?

Posted on Thursday, March 16 2006 @ 2:37 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Tom's Hardware Guide has a fairly long article on Core, the successor to Intel's current NetBurst processor architecture.
Some even began to speculate that Intel was out of the running. However, we should not forget Intel's financial, manufacturing and other resources are 10 times that of AMD's. Hence, it is obvious that such a corporation would not just walk off the battlefield. So, last year, a generation change was announced, comprising Intel's next-generation micro architecture. All new Intel processors in the third quarter of this year are going to be based on one common design, and they are targeted to do big things: Merom (mobile) is to add 20% more performance compared to the Core Duo; Conroe (desktop) is to boost performance by 40% while decreasing power requirements by 40% and Woodcrest (for servers) will purportedly increase performance by as much as 80%, while reducing power by 35%.
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