Intel to gain an edge over AMD?

Posted on Tuesday, March 28 2006 @ 17:07 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel's shares got a boost yesterday after two specialists speculated that Intel's upcoming processors, like the Conroe desktop processor, could give the company an edge over AMD.
First Albany analyst Auguste Richard, who upgraded his rating of the stock to "Neutral" from "Underperform", speculated that AMD has had trouble pushing out chips made using the 65-nanometer process -- a new process that is expected to boost chip production while reducing costs. Intel is seen as more adept at this manufacturing process.

"We think that by year-end Intel's manufacturing muscle will drive a competitive advantage over AMD, as Intel has finally fixed its design deficiencies with the introduction of the Woodcrest and Conroe processors," Richard wrote in a note.
Read more over at Business Week.

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