Sony PSP video converters

Posted on Friday, April 07 2006 @ 7:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Own a PSP? BT test three free tools - PSP Video 9, 3GP and ATI Avivo - to convert video from a PC to PSP. Speed, quality of the output, and ease of use of each are all under the magnifying glass. The winner may surprise you!

"PSP Video 9 is undoubtedly the best 'power user' software. It provides fantastic control over the encoding process, and allows you to tweak your encode quite a bit. It also features the built-in Memory Stick browser, which cuts down on time messing around with the file system. The automatic thumbnailer is also a plus point.

The killer app for the power user will be the PSPCasting functionality in conjunction with Videora, the Bit Torrent RSS reader. The ability to wake up and know that the latest episode of whatever show you're into is already on your PSP, ready for your commute, is a pretty sweet thing to have."

Read on over at Bit Tech.

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