ATI to launch 80nm Radeon X1600 in June?

Posted on Tuesday, April 11 2006 @ 17:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer reports ATI is going to launch a 80nm version of the Radeon 1600 (RV530), codenamed RV535.
And to help pile the pressure on rival Nvidia, ATI decided it would not hurt to shrink the chips to 80 nanometre and make the die a little bit cooler - and roughly nineteen percent smaller than the previous one. That is the key difference between RV530 and RV535.

RV535 will again feature twelve Shader processors and probably four pixel pipes. it will support Crossfire, Avivo and HDMI interface. The chip is naturally PCIe but it could be bridged to AGP if necessary.
The card may be launched in June.

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