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Posted on Friday, December 13 2002 @ 8:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Antec Plusview 1000AMG Review
I’ve been a very long time user of mid sized towers; and I suppose you could say I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to their limiting size, tight corners and overall poor airflow. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using many variations for quite sometime now, and without much fuss I might add. Alas, today things have changed, and I am happy to profess, the MR test bed has found itself a new home in Antec’s newest offering, the PLUSVIEW1000AMG - SOHO File Server.

Review Link : MonkeyReview

Review : BeanTech BT-80 Clear Acrylic Case
Typically with a case made of acrylic/plexiglass you need to be sure the packaging protects the unit during transit. BeanTech has taken the necessary precautions while packaging the unit, although some foam placed on each side of the packaging in the center would of fully protected the unit while in transit. Nonetheless, the unit arrived in flawless condition - no scratches or imperfections.

Review Link : Tech-Dreams

Review : Utopia Live! High Fidelity SoundFont
MIDI may have seen its heydays a long time ago but it's hardly dead. Musicians are still using MIDI to compose music and many people still enjoy listening to MIDI clips. If you are one of the exclusive MIDI crowd, this review of what we consider to be the best MIDI soundbank to date will be just the thing for you
Review Link : Rojakpot

A guide to powering multiple peripherals
Many of us are familiar with the concept of using a relay to automatically power on a peripheral device e.g. pump, fan, or other A/C powered component. While there are many companies that will provide a tailored solution that will accomplish this, their devices are usually expensive and limited to powering only one component. The following guide will allow the user to power on multiple peripherals in a cost effective manner
Guide @ ExtremeMHz

Review : Gigabyte GA8PE667-Pro Motherboard
As we're rolling towards the end of the year, as an "intermezzo" before the new computer technologies are unleashed on to the public market, I had the opportunity to try out one of the motherboards that uses the Intel 845PE chipset. The board that I chose for my test is the Gigabyte GA8PE667-Pro. Simply speaking, I'm going to see how well this board performs compared to my current motherboard, the ASUS P4S533, which uses the SiS645DX chipset.

Review Link : OverclockersClubCanada

Design Comp's Custom ATC-210 Case
Design Comp is a company that makes custom computer cases, for the high end PC user. When they send us their custom Cooler Master ATC-210 case, my jaw dropped all the way to the floor when first looking at it. We've reviewed Cooler Master cases in the past, but none quite like this... Design Comp went out of their way to mod this case to the utmost extreme, and obviously with that comes quite a hefty price tag of $441.50 total. Lets see if this case is really worth the near 450 bones you'll be throwin on the table, or if its just a dud in a hot body..

Review Link : ReviewNation

SuperFlower SF402 case
In little Belgium, Superflower is rather an exotic brand. They have good stuff, but aren’t well known. When I bought my new PC, some shops had a new case: the SF 402. It was good-looking, made of aluminium, had a 350W PSU and costed only 85-100€! So I decided to buy one for my new PC...."

Review Link : Madshrimps

Well with the bigger demand of space and speed people need raid cards right? Well Promise sent me their SX400 which can do Raid 0,0+1,1+1 and raid 5. And for me Promise has always meant quality and reliability. With this review we are going to see if this is a raid card that is good or not?

Review Link : R&B Mods

Review : Scorpio Round ATA133 Cables
Scorpio round cables like other round cables are shielded with a metal shield to prevent loss of signal from EMI interference. The difference is the shield shows through a translucent colored PVC covering.

Review Link : A True Review

Cooler Master Alloy Front Bezel
Now that you've slapped down money for that fancy aluminum case, you'll need to do something about those beige drives.

"So first things first you open the packet and measure up the bezel to make sure everything fits. Those of you with curved tray fronts need not worry as the tray front replacement has 2 lips either end for a standard tray or for a curved tray you can stick the 3M tape onto the back of the replacement tray front itself, insuring a proper fit."

Review Link : Viper's Lair

AutoEye software review
You have that new digital camera, you have your media card reader! You are ready to snap away and go on a photo frenzy. Once the pictures are taken what do you do with them? You can just print the pictures if you like or, you can use software to enhance them . Can this software make great pictures look even better? How bout that marginal picture can the quality be improved so you will want to keep the picture? Cast your eye on this review to discover what AutoEye is all about!
Review Link : Furioustech

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