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Posted on Wednesday, January 01 2003 @ 14:27 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Imperial Case Review
Is this the next case for you? At only $50 USD retail, with a window kit preinstalled, how could you go wrong? While there are some issues that I have found with the case, some not mentioned in previous reviews by other sites. I even did temperature comparisons. Because the one unique feature of this case is a low voltage mode built in, for noise control for your fans. How’s that work? Well, take my invite so you can look at this case with me…

Review Link : ExtensionTech

Best and Worst of 2002
OCAddiction gives their take on this years Best and Worst products for the PC. There have been quite a few winners out there, and some that just couldn't quite cut it. Here's a clip from the article.

"We wanted to recap a few of the biggest items of the year with some high and low points for hardware, games and peripherals in the industry. Some you'll like, some you'll hate, and some you'll just downright disagree with, but as always, we call 'em like we see 'em."

Review Link : OCAddiction

Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Aluminum Case
The Xaser II cases represent the most ambitious pre-modded cases from a name that's well known in overclocking and enthusiast circles. These cases are highly branded, come with a plethora of value added features, and carry price tags that would scare off lesser computer geeks. Today we're looking at the Xaser II 6000A, which is the highest end 6000 case featuring a large, pre-modded window on the side panel
Review Link : Neoseeker

Dr. Thermal TI-T707TN
Thermal Integrations has been known for their AMD heatsinks for a little while now. Even the Dr. Thermal Extreme has stood the test of time and currently stands at #3 in our AMD Top Ten List. Today I'm not looking at an AMD model. Instead, we are going to look at their solution for the Intel Pentium 4. To be more specific, this heatsink is factory rated to keep a P4 at 3Ghz or higher cool. I can tell you this, I'm not going to be easy on it. I'm putting it up against the heatsink I use on a daily basis, the Thermalright AX-478 with a 5700RPM, huge Delta fan
Review Link : ClubOC

TherMagic CPU Cooling System
While at Fall Comdex 2002 in Las Vegas, we were presented with the final release of the TherMagic CPU Cooling System. There are two versions, one for the P4 and one for AMD. The beta unit we tested a while back was pretty cool and we thought it would be destined to revolutionize the cooling industry. But like most betas, there are bugs that need to be worked out so we gave a lot of feedback to TherMagic to help improve their design. TherMagic has made a lot of improvements to the design, but is the performance there?
Review Link : ClubOC

ThermalTake Hardcano 8
While many people think of installing sound absorption mats to the insides of their computer cases, I guess they sometimes forget about the obvious solution to quieting or silencing a pc - slowing down the fans. Whether you are running the most demanding fans out there, such as the Tornado series by Vantec, or you run simple everyday 80mm fans like the Enermax 80mm, noise builds up as you add more fans. ThermalTake has produced the Hardcano 8 to deal with such noise problems while keeping style in mind with the beautifully blue anodized front

Review Link : Twisted Mods

Beantech BT-80 Acrylic Medium Tower Case
Established in the millennium, BeanTech International Co., LTD. is now growing into one of the leading manufacturers of Mobile Racks and cases. Located in Taiwan they can produce 180,000 pc's a week focusing on quality, price and satisfaction. There Sales staff, Customer Service Representatives, and Engineers are dedicated to supporting the OEM customer and their special needs. With BeanTech's capabilities to design and manufacture products to your specifications, they can become an extension to your company's technical, material acquisition, and production departments
Review Link : WorldOC

Antec True Power 430 Watt PSU Review
Power for your computer today is becoming more demanding. Gone are the days of 200-300 watt power suipplies filling all your needs. Todays computers, with all the onboard devices and overclocking push those older power supplies to their limits. CCFLS, glow wire, numerous fans, LED fans, and overclocking require more power. Today I am looking at the Antec True Power 430 watt PSU, can it provide the power you need without breaking the bank. Well come take a look for yourself and see if this PSU would fit your needs or not!

Review Link : Furioustech

DirectX 9 Benchmarks
Given the number of decent DX8 titles, that is, games that actually make use of the fancy Vertex and Pixel shaders (hint: that number is low), the question is, will DX9 make any difference with the titles we have on store shelves now
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Antec Performance 1000 PlusView Enclosure
After taking a few hours to heal my severely injured pride over that game that the Dolphins showed up to, but forgot to play in-- it's time to get back to some reviews. Antec sent over their PlusView 1000 AMG enclosure, and I managed not to break it in my fit of rage. I'm willing to bet the case would win if I did try to harm it because this thing is built SOLID! Sporting a nice window panel certainly does much to earn it cool points too!

Review Link : ClubOC

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