Mushkin to Launch Power Supply Line

Posted on Tuesday, April 25 2006 @ 11:00 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
During a recent conversation with Mushkin it was discovered that Mushkin is just a number of weeks away from launching thier own power supply series. Right now the only thing we could get Mushkin to talk about was their 650W model known as the model XP-650. Read on to see what Mushkin is coming out with.

"The XP-650 is labeled as a 650W power supply, but has a peak output of 700W. The power supply has a combined 12V rail of 44A, which is more than enough to support SLI and CrossFire platforms. The XP-650 has four separate 12V rails all of which can be combined to form a single power rail thanks to what Mushkin is calling RailFusion Technology. When RailFusion occurs the green LED light on the back of the power supply will turn on letting you and anyone else look at the back of your case that you are pulling some serious power. "

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