Intel cuts Pentium D pricing

Posted on Friday, May 05 2006 @ 15:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Following the introduction of the 3.6GHz Pentium D 960, Intel has cut the prices of its Pentium D processor lineup by up to 50 percent. The company also slashed prices of Celeron D processors and adjusted the pricing of its Centrino and Centrino Duo bundles.
The most recent round of cuts saw the Pentium D 950's price fall from $637 to $316, a drop of 50 per cent. The 940 now costs $241, down 43 per cent from $423. The 930's price fell 34 per cent, from $316 to $209, which is also what the 920 now costs - its price dropped 13 per cent from $241.

Intel left the 90nm 8xx series prices where they are, with one exception: the 2.8GHz 820 now costs $209, down 13 per cent from $241. That leaves the 3.2GHz 840 and the 3GHz 830 priced at $423 and $316 - both much more expensive than their 65nm equivalents, the 930 and 94
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Re: Intel cuts Pentium D pricing
by Anonymous on Saturday, May 06 2006 @ 2:40 CEST
Not interested in P4's even if they are free. Make with the Conroe's, thank you :)