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Posted on Friday, January 24 2003 @ 14:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Logitech Cordless Elite Duo Keyboard and Mouse Review
The reason behind Logitech's naming of the keyboard "elite," is the superior functions the keyboard boasts in comparison to Logitech's other keyboards, or any other manufacturer's keyboard for that matter. Perhaps the greatest quality in this duo that should be the deciding factor in purchasing one, is the simple fact that it is cordless. It is however, important to remember that not all wireless peripherals are created equal! With both the keyboard and mouse, I was able to take approximately 25 steps away from the receiver and still maintain connectivity. That's at least 20 feet away. I was also able to control my computer from a different room, showing the fruits of Logitech's smart decision in using RF (radio) technology instead of infrared.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Vantec's Nexus Multi-Function Panel Review
Now that you have upgraded and overclocked your computer, a little insurance is in order. With computers getting faster, there's always a concern of overheating your CPU and hardware. To the rescue, comes Vantec with their Nexus Multi-Function Panel

Review Link : TechTastic

ASUS A7N8X nForce2 Motherboard Review
Everyone in the computer enthusiast community is familiar with the Asus name. This top tier manufacturer has been producing and delivering high quality offerings across their very considerable product line for over 13 years. Asus’ products include notebooks, graphics cards, optical storage, PDAs, and assorted server, desktop PC, and communications equipment. To us they are best known for their motherboards. Regardless of what the requirements may be; full featured to value priced; enterprise to SOHO, Asus has a mainboard that will fit the need. Today, ExtremeMhz will be reviewing the Asus A7N8x motherboard based on the nForce2 chipset

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

AOpen AK77-8XN Motherboard Review
I read up as much as I could find on this board before acquiring it, but this came as a shock to say the least. AOpens website, under "key features" for this board, states, "CPU Jumper-less Design" and "1MHz Stepping CPU Overclocking". A good lawyer could probably make their case have to set a jumper for the basic levels of 100, 133, 166 and 200 fsb.
Review Link : OverclockersClubCanada

FalconRock Review
Is your CPU really hot? Is your heat sink loud? Want a really easy to install new heat sink? If you said yes to all of those questions you use to be like me until I received this beautiful heat sink called FalconRock from Spire Coolers. FalconRock is a product designed to cool your CPU down, reduce noise and to be very simple to install. This heat sink is great for anyone who has a Socket 370/ A/ 754 Motherboard. This heat sink is awesome!

Review Link : Comp-Shop

AeroCool AB7080 Socket A Cooler Review
All in all, the AeroCool AB7080 is an average HSF, with okay performance and a tolerable noise level. The only thing that makes it stands out is the easy engaging clip.
Review Link : Overclockers New Zealand

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