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Posted on Friday, January 24 2003 @ 15:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Swiftech H2O-8500AV Liquid Cooling Kit Review
The base plate of the unit is 0.5" CNC milled copper. The submersed side of the plate incorporates Swiftech's latest design concept, the Diamond Pin Matrix. I did not open the block up prior to review, the Swiftech web site has some pictures of the plate. Essentially, the submersed side has rows of diamond-shaped fins on it, similar to a conventional heatsink. The premise is that the pins create additional surface area for increased thermal dissipation, while also creating flow turbulence within the block for augmented thermal transfer between the coolant and the copper plate.

Review Link : Modthebox

Spire Neon Bar II Review
Case modding has been quite popular these day. After such a great effort in modding the case, you will surely feel the sense of satisfaction and admiration of your work. One most common thing when it came to modding was the lighting. Most of the case modder used to use the neon lights..

Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

Zalman ZM300A-APF CNPS PSU Review
I can honestly say that I've had quite some PSU's in the last five years and more, and without a doubt I can say that this is the most silent one of them all. Only two disadvantages came to my attention, it's a bit more expensive then other 300W PSU's and it's quite heavy, But all together if you love silence this will without a doubt make you happy .

Review Link : Datafuse

Although round cables are popular among enthusiasts, poorly designed round cables can lead to data corruption and errors. We look at some shielded cables, and compare them with standard IDE cables.

"Unless we're talking about SCSI or proprietary devices, IDE cables are fat and have a large amount of surface area, causing IDE to be one of the main culprits when trying to find airflow obstruction. So, as many a computer "modder" has done before, people started to improvise - they started to cut up their cables lengthwise, and twist their cables, or enclose them in heat shrink-wrapping or using cable ties to keep the wires tightly bound together, in a "rounded" shape."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

R9500 128Mb Review
The 9700 (Pro) has proven to be the best performing 3D card for the past half year. However, not every PC enthousiast is willing to spend €400 on a 3D card. Until now the best bang for the buck card in the €150-200 range was the Nvidia GF4 Ti4200, but ATI wanted a piece of that pie too so they released the cheaper 9500 / 9500 Pro. Is ATI about to dethrone Nvidia in de sub €200 market?
Review Link : Madshrimps

Magnum 390 watercooler change
Dark][Tweaker has posted a new guide. Last week we have converted our Magnum 390 watercooler, you know, the cool heatsink made of copper. A new cover from Plexi and a small LED mod transformed the radiator into a completely new model.

Review Link : Dark][Tweaker

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