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Posted on Tuesday, January 28 2003 @ 14:25 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Geil PC3500 DDR Ultra Review
GeIL is the only memory I know of that includes instructions with the stick... a nice touch. Some time ago I remember reading of a review of a GeIL stick where the heatspreaders didn’t make contact with the memory modules... well, that’s not the case here.

Review Link : Monster-Hardware

OCZ PC 3500 EL (memory) Review
Yesterday, I got to review one of the finest 845PE boards I’ve seen to date. The 845PE chipset brings a lot to the table. One of those things is a thirst for memory bandwidth. The 845PE allows for much faster memory speeds and impressive gains over older chipsets can be made due to this. Today I have a stick of ram that can fully take advantage of the 845PE chipset. Introducing, the OCZ PC 3500 EL DDR ram

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

eluminx Illuminated Keyboard Review
Remember back when you could have any keyboard you wanted, as long as it was white? Not until the last few years have we seen manufacturers start producing keyboards in basic colors. Okay, so now we have colored keyboards, but is that as wild as a keyboard can get? Is that all we can come up with? A company called auravision has a better idea, how about a keyboard that is illuminated? No, I'm not talking about some ugly light looming over your keyboard to light it up, I'm talking about a keyboard with keys that light up!
Review Link : ClubOC

Sunbeam Tech UV Fans Review
Light up your PC without flooding the room with unwanted light. UV Fans may not be a new concept but Sunbeam Tech made UV Fans self-illuminating. There is no need for buying a UV CCFL tube to activate the bright and vibrant colors of these fans. Sunbeam Tech took their CCFL Fans and transformed them.
Review Link : Icrontic

Microflow II Review
Heat sinks are the most affordable way to go to keep your computer cool and quiet. Of course there is always Water Cooling systems that sometimes can cost a lot more but do a better job then heat sinks. Every heat sink has certain features that make it stand out from the rest but sometimes they can be very basic. Spire Coolers obviously puts a lot of thought into their heat sinks and seem to be very proud of it. Microflow II’s main feature seems to be to cool the CPU Temperature and the second main feature is to be quiet. This is a real great heat sink for hot CPUs.

Review Link : Comp-Shop

Review : Nexus Fan Controller
Vantec has chosen to use a more sophisticated, higher-quality method - Pulse Width Modulation, or PWM. This works by digitally encoding the power signal which passes to the fans, and pulsing it at variable intervals as defined when turning the knobs. For example, if you wanted 6V instead of the default 12V coming from the power supply, the PWM control chip would turn on the signal for 50% of the time, and the other 50% the signal would be off. It does it so fast though, that you do not realize it and the fan will spin in a smooth continuous motion. This is great because it will only draw half the power (a resistor would draw a full 12V and dissipate 6V as heat), and will not dissipate virtually any heat.
Review Link : Pcreviewspot

Sunbeam Tech Sound Activated UV CCFL Fan Review
I can't seem to find another UV CCFL fan review on the web myself, so this maybe the first. Regardless, have you been waiting for the Sunbeam UV version of the CCFL fan to get widespread? Me too! I was lucky enough to get one from Sunbeam Tech. A little news on some upcoming products that you may be interested in is located at the end of the review also. So come have a look! And please try and enjoy the first movie I have made for a review.

Review Link : ExtensionTech

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