AMD says capacity isn't tight

Posted on Saturday, May 27 2006 @ 2:16 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
DigiTimes had an interview with KJ Chou, the general manager of AMD Taiwan. He clarified some negative rumours regarding AMD's production capacity and processor performance:
Q: Intel's recent and forthcoming price cuts on processors for the notebook and desktop segments have been seen as part of the chip giant's strategy to undermine customer interest in AMD's recent launch of dual-core products, as well as paving the way for Intel to introduce its three 65nm dual-core processors ahead of earlier schedules. How will AMD handle the situation? Will you follow suit and plan price cuts?

A: Any move by AMD and its rival will impact the overall IT industry, and anything could happen in the next three months. Our rival is aware that AMD has managed to steadily expand its market share, and its counter-strategy includes price reductions and bringing forward the launch of new products. However, AMD is no longer the less competitive chip maker, and we are prepared for the predictable counterattack from our rival. Over the next three months, AMD will respond with new strategies.
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