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Posted on Friday, February 07 2003 @ 12:58 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Kingwin KT-436BK-WM Aluminum Case Review
Out of the box the Kingwin KT-436BK-WM Aluminum Case is very well constructed using brushed high ventilation Aluminum-Mg Alloy. Kingwin has marketed the KT-436BK-WM as an all-in-one pre-modified solution with a good focus on tool-less key entry using chrome thumbscrews. The case measures approximately 500 mm (W) x 210 mm (H) x 460 mm (L) and supports all Flex, Micro, Full ATX motherboards. The entire exterior and interior has been anodized jet black with the main focus on a triple window design. The front bezel is very stylish and is protected by an acrylic front plate all highlighted with chrome accents.

Review Link : Modthebox

Chaintech 9EJS1 ZENITH
With an 18x multiplier, I was wondering if our 2.4GHz CPU was limiting us, so I grabbed a 2.8GHz engineering sample (pay attention to the name strings) and decreased the multiplier. We were able to POST at 16x200, but no luck in getting into Windows. Dropping down to as low as 12x200 didn't fare any better. I decided to stick with a 16 multiplier for now, and drop the FSB one MHZ at a time until I could get stability. At 190FSB, the system was as stable as a rock.
Review Link : Viper's Lair

VLSystem's Blue Platinum LCD
LCD's are nothing new to computing. For a while, they have been used on servers, their two or four line display outputting critical information such as CPU utilization, HDD space usage, memory usage and the like. The ability to monitor such fundamental statistics about a computer without having to resort to using a monitor has been a very useful feature. In the past few years, we've seen the emergence of consumer-level LCD's for the case modders out there. Their usage is similar to that of their forerunners, but has also expanded to include other things that a case modder would desire. Not only can basic stats be output to the LCD, but also temperatures and other hardware-monitoring stats can be displayed. In fact, with the right software, the LCD can be made to display a wide range of data, limited only by a person's imagination. In addition as being a valuable tool, a LCD can also add to the overall appearance of a modded case. In the recent past, however, LCD's could be somewhat tricky to install. Today, I'll be looking at a display from VLSystem, a Korean company whose product promises to be easy to install while producing quality results.

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

AthlonXP 2600+ with 333MHz FSB
AMD, never far behind in the CPU speed race and always neck and neck in performance finally realized it was going to take something significant to again establish it's position as a player in both the OEM and home builder markets. Enter the 333Mhz front side bus AthlonXP.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Corsair PC3500 XMS memory modules
Anyone who has been even a fringe member or reader of the hardware enthusiast community in the past 2 years has heard the name Corsair. They have a solid reputation for delivering high quality high performance memory modules. Today I'm going to give you a quick look at their PC3500 XMS Platinum CAS2 product, from the perspective of upgrading and what, if any, gains you might see - with particular focus on overclocking results.
Review Link : OverclockersClubCanada

Albatron Geforce 4 MX 480 (AGP8x) Video Card Review
Today 3dXtreme will be taking a look at the Albatron GeForce 4 MX 480 Video Card. The GeForce MX 480 is the MX 440 core with support for 8x AGP (AGP 3.0). Our main focus in this review will be to look for noticeable differences between running this card on the 4x (1GB/sec interface) or 8x AGP (2GB/sec interface).
Review Link : 3dXtreme

Soyo P4I 845PE I845PE Motherboard
I was able to overclock our P4 2260 Mhz to 2957 Mhz stable at 174FSB. The voltage is raised to 1.75v at the above speed. This is actually quite good overclocking result although the king of the ring is still Asus P4PE. Soyo hasn't been an ideal overclocking candidate in the past but P4I scores quite well this time."
Review Link : Overclockers New Zealand

Antec Lanboy case
With its lightweight aluminum body and a free, easy-tote carrying strap, getting to that next LAN party is now even easier. And every LANBOY case comes with a blue LED-illuminated Antec power supply and a clear window side panel to give your gaming experience that extra edge. So pick it up today and take your game to the next level. That’s the power of you.
Review Link : Ascully

Albatron Ti 4800 Review
The graphics field is highly competitive. Six month product cycles, and a never-ending slew of new products cause for a wide range of products, and a wide range of performance. Today I have the Ti4800SE from Albatron. Please don’t be fooled by the naming of the card. The Ti4800 series is nothing more than a Ti4400 with support for AGP 8x. The 275/550 core and memory speeds are the same as the Ti4400. Lets see how this card performs.

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

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