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Posted on Thursday, February 13 2003 @ 14:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

BeanTech Igloo2 aluminum case
This is one great case and with all its features it is worth picking up. I have seen a lot of high end aluminum cases and I have to say this is the highest quality one I have seen yet. Most aluminum cases are paper thin and can be damaged very easily the aluminum on this case is thick and rugged and I already know it can take a kick by my two year old and not even warp

Review Link : CyberCPU

Overclocking with the nForce 2
If you've been involved in the world of computers for any length of time, you've probably heard the term overclocking. For many, the term smacks of black magic, requiring inordinate amounts of skill, dedication, and possibly even a blood sacrifice or two just for good measure. In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth. At it simplest, overclocking is nothing more than running a computer at a speed higher than the manufacturer intended, and while it does require a bit of knowledge and familiarity with your computer, the only blood you're likely to let during the process would be if you cut yourself on a sharp corner of the case. This article explores the basics of overclocking, from system requirements to actually doing the deed, uses as its example a motherboard based on nVidia’s newest chipset, the nForce 2, which has proven itself to be one of the most powerful and versatile chipsets on the market.
Article @ Systemcooling

Spire 3A16S2 chipset Cooler
Spire sent me some coolers awhile back and with them I found this chipset fan that I am reviewing today.

Review Link : CyberCPU

CoolMax Scorpio Internal Round Cable Review
Wow. That’s all I have to say. The CoolMax round cable improved hard disk performance by 91MB/s. A nice increase that is most likely due to the aluminum shielding. The shielding helps by making less signal interference to the device.
The cable comes with pre-installed nametags that tell you what each end is as pictured. The aesthetics you get with the round cable is equally as impressive. People with side windows will notice the style that it brings. Also, it improves airflow and does not clutter the case unlike traditional flat IDE cables.
Review Link : Modsynergy

Serial ATA Converter Review
Serial ATA is finally here! We have motherboards with SATA, we have SATA RAID cards, we even have external SATA devices spilling on to the market. But where are the SATA hard drives??? Right now, SATA hard drives are about as rare as a flying cow. Okay, maybe not quite that rare, but they are extremely hard to find and sure the heck can't walk into your local computer store and buy one. Not yet anyway... So what is the answer? How are we to run our current hard drives on these newly equipped motherboards like the nForce2? The IDE to SATA converter card!
Review Link : ClubOC

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