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Posted on Saturday, February 15 2003 @ 14:13 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Thermaltake Hardcano 8 VR Fan Controller Review
The Hardcano 8 VR Variable Speed Fan Controller has a total of 4 channels. Channels 2 to 4 are to be used with fans that have an output voltage of 0 ~ 0.35A, while channel one is designed to handle more of a load with fans rated with an output voltage of 0.35 ~ 1A. A small silver heatsink has been applied to channel one in order to compensate for the additional load, which in turn translates into heat. Despite the lower capabilities of the other channels, I would have liked to see this applied to channels 2 through 4 to keep the design and function uniform.

Review Link : Modthebox

ICY Dock MB 122 Removable HD Caddy
After a stressed week with the 3dmark review, Dark][Tweaker can present another review. Last week we have take a look at the Icy Dock MB 122 Removable HD Caddy. It is a full Aluminum construction with plastic panel, three segment key lock and display.

Review Link : Dark][Tweaker (German)

The Current State of Tech Sites
Btw DV Hardware will never accept money or stuff from manufactors to give them a good rating, we always do our best to tell our readers both the good things AND the bad things we see with the products we review.
Basically, smaller websites, in order to gather more review samples, are often subject to manufacturer arm twisting to print up a "nice" review, mentioning (or fabricating) the strengths, and ignoring the weaknesses. Trust me, you can spot these reviews a mile away. The problem is, people are reading them, clicking on sponsor links, driving traffic up. The sponsors, as ecstatic as they could be, fire more stuff off to the tech site. Wash, rinse, repeat
Review Link : Viper's Lair

X-Trac Pro HS Optical Mouse Pad Review
If you feel the mouse pad with your finger, you will realize that they have a kind of textured feel. This is for the tracking abilities of the X-Trac Pro HS. PCXmods chose to go with the honeycomb-like pattern for a reason. It's a patent pending design that went through 3 months of extensive pattern testing to ensure the best surface available for gliding the mouse with ease.
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Thumbdrive Smart
This is probably the smallest USB storage device I have ever seen. It works with both Mac and Windows so that you will be able to easily transfer data between operating systems. One of the best features that I found with this device is that it is plug and play. You will not need to install any drivers to use this, just plug it into your USB port and start transferring files. (Note: You will need a driver for widows 98, which they provide on a cd so that you won’t need to download it off the internet.)

Review Link : Comp-Shop

ATA-100 to Serial ATA
I have heard a lot of hype about how much performance serial ATA was suppose to give you and I have been a little skeptical. Is it not true that an ATA-133 Drive is suppose to move 133Mb/sec, well it's more like 80Mb/sec because physically the heads cannot pull that much data off the platters so my way of thinking is why another controller upgrade? Why don't we start working on making solid state drives a reality instead? I had to be optimistic about this and see if adapting an old ATA-133 hard drive to a serial ATA controller would gain any performance.

Review Link : CyberCPU

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