Windows Live Messenger now available

Posted on Tuesday, June 20 2006 @ 11:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Microsoft has just released Windows Live Messenger, the successor to MSN Messenger 7.5. This is MSN Messenger 8.0 but the company decided to rename this product to fit into its new Windows Live product lineup.

The program features a new layout, IMO it looks a bit more professional. One of the interesting new features is offline messaging, this enables you to send messages to offline friends, they will receive the message when they log on. ICQ already featured this years ago and now MSN Messenger uh.. Windows Live Messenger finally has it too.

Other new features:
  • Video Call. The free, synchronized audio and video service in Windows Live Messenger, powered by Logitech International SA, allows customers to view and talk to their friends through their PCs in full-screen video with one click of a mouse.1 MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger have more than 20 million active video conversation users each month, making it one of the largest consumer video telephony providers in the world.
  • Windows Live Call with Verizon Web Calling service. Windows Live Messenger connects people beyond the PC. Users can go directly to the Windows Live Call feature and, through the Verizon Web Calling service, place affordable outbound local voice calls to almost anywhere in the world over the Internet.
  • Cordless phones designed exclusively for Windows Live Messenger. Uniden America Corp. and Philips recently introduced phones that make the Windows Live Call feature for Windows Live Messenger available in North America and Europe through a convenient and familiar handset in North America and Europe, respectively, that can be used to make land-line and Internet phone calls from anywhere in the home working cordlessly away from the PC. Motorola Inc. also recently announced its plans to retail Windows-Live compatible cordless phones later this year.
  • Microsoft LifeCams optimized for Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft Hardware and the Windows Live services group announced last week a line of webcams that are designed for use with Windows Live Messenger to make sharing experiences with friends and family easier than ever before. The first of these webcams, the Microsoft® LifeCam VX-6000 and Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, contain several groundbreaking features designed to simplify people’s digital communications experiences. Microsoft LifeCams offer exclusive features such as the Windows Live Call Button for one-touch video calling, LifeCam Dashboard for easy and natural camera controls, and One-Touch Blogging for posting pictures to Windows Live Spaces.
  • Sharing Folders. Now sharing is as easy as dragging and dropping a file. With a new, intuitive user interface, customers can more easily share their files and personal photos with family, friends and colleagues on their Windows Live Messenger Contact List.
  • Windows Live Contacts. Contact information is always current with Windows Live Contacts in Windows Live Messenger. The feature enables customers to easily share their contact information with whom they want to share it and lets them subscribe to their friends’ contacts so they always have their latest contact information. Windows Live Contacts are integrated and accessible across Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces. More than 25 million customers are already taking advantage of this feature.
  • Integration with Windows Live services. Customers using Windows Live Messenger benefit from its integration with other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Search, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces. Through this integration customers can easily get answers to questions or find directions, access their blog or online photos, send e-mail to their Windows Live Contacts when desired, or access links to their favorite saved Web sites — all from within the Windows Live Messenger experience.
  • You can download it over here.

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