Friday News, the ClubOC goes insane edition

Posted on Friday, February 21 2003 @ 8:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Wow ClubOC comes with not one, not two, not three, but 7 new reviews!!

The Golden Flame -- Soltek SL-75FRN-L nForce2 Motherboard Review
One company we haven't see a lot of prior to this year is Soltek. Soltek has been busy developing their new 75-FRN series motherboards this winter, and now they are ready to do some serious competing. Soltek has sent over one of these new boards for our testing pleasure called the SL-75FRN-L. At first I was under the assumption that this was a "budget" mainboard with little to offer us Overclockers. As you will soon see, I grossly underestimated the performance and overclocking potential of this motherboard!
Review Link : ClubOC

Zalman ZM80A-HP Video Card Cooler
Today at ClubOC, we take a look at Zalman’s latest video card cooler, the ZM80A-HP. The ZM80A-HP is a passive cooling system designed for use with high performance video cards, such as the nVidia Ti 4200 to 4800 series, and the Radeon 9700/9500 (and others). Some of you might be interested in adequately cooling your card in complete silence. I must admit, I was hoping to get a few more MHz out of my overclocked Ti 4600. I’m am quite happy to say I discovered a way to do that, and with zero noise.
Review Link : ClubOC

Thermal paste roundup
It has been a long time since we've posted a review on thermal paste, so I thought it was about time we caught up. I've handed Matt a box full of thermal paste from various companies and turned him loose. Is the old reliable Arctic Silver still in the lead? Matt's results may surprise you!
Review Link : ClubOC

Crucial 512mb DDR333
The reviews are rolling out like crazy! This time Paul takes a big fat stick of Crucial 512mb DDR333 for a spin on his Pentium 4 system. You may be surprised to see what this stuff can do!
Review Link : ClubOC

Raidmax 268WY and 278B Mid-Tower Cases and PSU
Raidmax...a strong name for a company! Oddly enough the two cases being reviewed today represent more of what a mainstream local computer shop would offer, but why review something so "mainstream" on a website such as ClubOC? Well, let me be the first to tell you that after thoroughly looking these cases over in depth I find that Raidmax has performed an incredible job in regards to build quality and design with their case line. When was the last time you could buy a low budget case, and actually try and scratch the paint on it but couldn't? Sound more like buying a new car with 30 clear coats for protection. Yes the Raidmax finish quality is that good, no joke.
Review Link : ClubOC

AMD Athlon 2700+ Overclocking
As a follow up to my Athlon XP 2400+ review I conducted about a week ago, I move on to the XP 2700+. The 2700+ is based on the same core as the 2400+, however this is a "D" chip, which means this one runs on the much faster 166MHz front side bus by default. Make no mistake about it, memory scores will drastically improve as well overall system performance. Experience tells me that the performance increase will be evident in the benchmarks, but will we "really" notice the difference? With AMD's new Barton's out, lower end CPU prices are dropping. Now that the 2700+ costs less, how is price vs. performance? What about overclocking?
Article Link : ClubOC

PCToys ICECHIP Copper Chipset Cooling Kit
Today at ClubOC we will review a much anticipated product, the PCToys ICECHIP Copper Chipset Cooling Kit . What this cooling kit gives you is an alternative to the OEM cooling arrangement on performance oriented motherboards that in this reviewers opinion are direly needed to get every once of your BIOS tweaks when you overclock your system. This is especially true with the newer chipsets coming out that offer 166+mhz FSB speeds. One of the best things about this cooler is that not only does it come with a Northbridge cooler, but a few other little sinks to use for your clock multiplier and if you own an nForce 2 board, a much needed Southbridge heatsink.
Review Link : ClubOC

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