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Posted on Friday, February 28 2003 @ 16:42 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

eDimensional E-D 3D Glasses
The E-D system shows you a two eye view of the world from your computer monitor. With the E-D system, depth-of-field is simulated using shutter-glasses with lenses that can alternate between clear and opaque (i.e. blocks light). During use, a left eye image is first displayed on a computer monitor, and the shutter-glasses' left lens is clear, while the right lens is dark. The image on the monitor is then switched to the right eye view, and the lenses of the shutter-glasses are reversed (left lens dark and right lens clear). This switching occurs many times a second, and your brain fuses these separate images into one truly 3-Dimensional image.
Review Link : Gamershell

Case Badge Contest
OCAddiction brings their case badge design contest to a close tonight at Midnight. They are giving away some sweet items so get your submissions in today before time runs out.

Contest Link : OCAddiction

Titan Aluminum Fans Review
The black plastic cooling fans mocked me from inside the aluminum PC case like a dark stain upon the shiny metal. What aluminum PC case can truly be said to be finished without the final adornment of aluminum case fans? Titan provided the answer with sexy aluminum frame cooling fans.
Review Link : Icrontic

Ooperation Quiet PC
One question I personally get asked quite often is ‘How can I make my PC quiet enough so that I can sleep with it in my room with it still switched on?’ The answer I usually give is to switch it off - no point in wasting electricity. However a number of companies are beginning to cater for people wanting a beast of a PC without the 75dB+ sound levels associated with it. QuietPC here in the UK offers a wide range of suitable equipment to this end and they were kind enough to send us a number of their products so that we could see just difference you could expect

Review Link : EnvyNews

OCZ Gladiator II Copper Cooler Review
The OCZ Gladiator II Copper Cooler like the original Gladiator Cooler performs very well. With a large copper block and a 7000RPM fan this cooler is clearly designed for fast AMD CPU's all the way to 3100+ and will make many overclockers very happy. It does all this at a very reasonable price. Watch the Video to find out more.
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

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