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Posted on Friday, March 07 2003 @ 6:32 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Lighted case badge kit from CrazyPC
I plugged the LED into the socket end of the power cable and plugged the other end into a spare power connector. The computer was turned on with no badge or sticker on the lighted badge and the LED is nice and bright (and yellow). The plastic of the lighted badge does a decent job of diffusing the light but, as expected, it is brightest toward the center.

Review Link : CaseModGod

CPUFX Z4 Micro Intercooler Kit
As computer processors continue to increase in speed and performance, so do the demands on the computer's cooling system. Increased speed means increased heat output, and manufacturers are under constant pressure to dissipate this heat to make room for even more speed. Unfortunately, a common side effect of increasing cooling on a system is noise. High-speed CPU fans and multiple case fans are very effective, but in the final equation can make a system noisy enough to be impractical for use in many environments.

Review Link : Systemcooling

Lamps Electronics 12ā€ UV and 12ā€ tri-color CCFL review
People are migrating from the beige box since more and more manufacturers are putting pre installed windows into their cases. What's a person to do to finish it off? Light it up! The CCFL is still king in case lighting. Due to competition and advances in CCFL lighting, it is very affordable now to light up your case. I'll be looking at two CCFL tubes today, but did I find something wrong? You bet! And as a respectable review source, I'd like to think anyway, Iā€™m reporting my findings..

Review Link : ExtensionTech

Epox 4PEA+ I845PE Motherboard
Epox has once again done a great job on 4PEA+. The performance is good and overclocking is kept to Epox's standard. The board has rich features that are arguable better than Asus P4PE but at a lower price. The Blue LED chipset cooler is a nice bonus for lighting up your case. The lack of 3:4 FSB/memory ratio is a bit disappointed as it squeezes more performance out of the system. Overall, 4PEA+ is a great board and I highly recommend it.
Review Link : OCNZ

SunBeam RGB Multl-Coloured Cold Cathode Kit
After using my blue cold cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) for a while, I decided to take a look at some of the new variants of CCFLs that SunBeamTech has manufactured, and one in particular had caught my eye, that being the tri-coloured CCFL. While some users prefer to use a single colour, I decided that a little more coloured lighting wouldn't hurt at all
Review Link : OCC

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