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Posted on Friday, March 07 2003 @ 19:25 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

MSI's and Lite-On's models of a 52x24x52 CD-R/RW Drive
Legit Reviews has been given the chance to review a couple of computer parts that some users may not think to check on. Your CD-R/RW Drive! Are you tired of your slow 16x burner?... or 2x?... haha. Today we will be looking at MSI's CR52-A2 CD-R/RW and Lite-On's LTR-52246S CD-R/RW; two 52x24x52 speed burners. We will be pitting them against eachother to find out what the differences are and which one you would be better off with.
Review Link : Legit Reviews

Bittspower CCFLS and UV Fan Review
Modding is addictive, with all those products out in the market, so many choices! Well Bittspower sent me some UV reactive fans and some UV and TRI and Blue CCFLS. I had one rig that had none. So I couldn't just leave it unmodded since the other rigs were. Kind of a quid pro quo thing. So find out what I discovered about these products. I think you will be drooling as I was!

Review Link : Furioustech

Zalman HP-80A heatpipe VGA Heatsink Video Review
The Zalman HP-80A heatpipe VGA Heatsink is compatible with just about any current Video Card. With two massive heatsinks and a heatpipe this product does an excellent job at cooling and it does it without a fan so it's completely silent. To make the best of it installation is straight forward taking about 15-30 minutes. Watch the Video to find out more..
VideoReview Link : 3dGameMan

Soundbug review
What makes the Soundbug so unique? Plug it in, stick it on and power it up. and it turns the flat surface into an impromptu speaker.

The Soundbug website is a little tightlipped about the technology behind the product. This is understandable as patents have not yet been granted. However, with my limited understanding of sound, I will speculate as to how it functions. Keep in mind I am NOT an audio engineer, so keep the flames to a minimum
Review Link : Gamershell

Matrix Orbital LK-204-25-PC Limited Edition Review
Now, if you have done your research in looking at character LCD displays, most of this looks fairly standard for a 4 line, 20 character display; that is until you read the line in the interfaces box that specifies the 8 high power GPOs. So let’s start with defining what a GPO is.

On the right hand side of that picture you see a double row of pins. The bottom 8 pairs are the GPOs. They supply 12 volt power up to 750mA, and are turned on and off by the software. So this means that you can control fans, lights, or any other gadget you put in your system that draws less then 750mA! In essence it works like a software baybus

Review Link : GruntVillE

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