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Posted on Saturday, March 08 2003 @ 6:39 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

EL Window Appliques
The inverter is a small plastic box which houses a small transformer based circuit which resembles the high voltage transformers found in other inverters (which are normally just bare or shrink wrapped). Upon removing the 2 screws, the inverter circuitry itself is exposed. The PCB is about half the size of your thumb and has silicon underneath which reduces the risk of electric shock.

Review Link : OCIA

Albatron Geforce 4 MX480 8X AGP Videocard Review
Seems like all you hear about in the hardware world is the high end cards. But are these cards for the everyday gamer, nope. Do you think that most people have US$200-$400 to spend on one component, nope. People today like to have a blend of value and performance and that is where the Alabatron MX480 delivers.

Review Link : Tweaknews

Sunbeam Sound Activated UV CCFL + Orange Reactive Fan
MHW today has a review of the Sunbeam SACCFL Fan. Sorry for the abreviation I am much too lazy this weekend to type in the full name again. LOL. Since there has been so many of these reviews on the web we also pull the lighting unit off and try it on a Blue Antec LED fan just for a little variety.

"The installation was fairly easy and straightforward. After installing the Control Unit and the Inverter, I started to hook up the fan. It was originally set up with the fan pulling air into the case. However, I wanted to blow air out of my case so I had to remove the CCFL from the fan and re-install it on the reverse side of the fan. The CCFL is held in place on the fan with 4 tiny nuts and bolts. These are nice and snug and did not loosen up while in use."
Review Link : Monster-Hardware

x86-64 bit version of Counterstrike Linux server revealed with 30% performance gains
Well after hopes being dashed about a 64 bit version of Doom, and hopes being resurrected with Unreal Tournament AMD now has another gaming company onboard. Valve has announced a 64 bit version of Counterstrike Linux server that gets a 30% increase out of the gate with more optimizations possible.
Review Link : AMDZone

X-Trac Standard Optical Mouse Pad
I'll be looking at something a bit different today, a cloth mouse pad. Yes, cloth. While I'm literally against cloth pads myself, for obvious reasons, I think I found one that I like. It's the X-Trac standard pad. While the pad is kind of small in comparison to a Ratpadz, or an Everglide Giganta, some people may not want a huge mouse pad on their desk. In my instance and testing, this pad was large enough to do its job, as long as you have your mouse speed turned up..

Review Link : ExtensionTech

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