ATI preparing Radeon X1650XT

Posted on Thursday, July 27 2006 @ 0:46 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ATI writes ATI will soon release the X1650, to compete with the GeForce 7600:
Radeon X1650 is composed by RV560, RV530 and RV535 chipset, where RV560 is correspond to the top model 1650XT. They are manufactured by TSMC with 80nm process, featured 8 Pixel Shader Pipelines, 24 Pixel Shader Processors (12 for RV530), 128Bit memory controller with 1.4GHz DDR support, 600MHz clock speed and build-in Compositing CrossFire Engine. It is no more master/salve card for CrossFire. Expected to be available in October, its price is set between $149 and $199.
More info over here.

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