Best sub $100 videocard? GeForce 7300GT vs. Radeon X1600 Pro

Posted on Thursday, July 27 2006 @ 2:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
It is often hard for the consumer to work out which product will actually offer the best value, and that's precisely what we will try to answer taking NVIDIA's GeForce 7300GT and putting it against the Radeon X1600 Pro and X1300 Pro. Those are all sub $100 cards that represent the best offerings at that price point from the two major graphics providers.

"On paper the Radeon appears to have the edge since the 7300GT features just 8 pixel pipelines, 1 texture mapping unit and 4 vertex processing units. The GeForce 7300GT also only features a core clock frequency of 350MHz and 667MHz for the DDR memory. The end result is a theoretical 2GB/s memory bandwidth disadvantage for the GeForce. However, this may not necessarily pose a problem for the 7300GT, as we will also set our focus on overclocking performance. The cards tested today will be pushed to the limits using the standard stock coolers. There will also be a Radeon X1300 Pro thrown into the comparison, which will under-go some extensive overclocking as well."

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