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Posted on Saturday, March 15 2003 @ 7:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

iRock Bling mp3/cd/fm player
Today we are going to review something a little different. It's a Mp3/Cd/FM player that iRock sent me. This seems to be a very cool player which has alot of settings and features. With the support for Mp3/CD/Fm at a price of ~90$ it seems to make this a great choice. But does it sound good? Is there enough settings to make the sound guru happy? That's what we are going to figure out today...

Review Link : R&B Mods

nForce2 pushed to the Max: NF7 rev 1.2 vs Epox 8r(g/d)a+
Stock speeds are no option when you buy an Abit NF7-S rev 1.2 or Epox 8r(g/d)a+. Which one can obtain the highest FSB? How do they compare at extreme high speeds? Which one of these three do you have to buy to be king of the hill!

More at Madshrimps

If I had a million dollars: Selling AMD
Unless you are looking for AMD…AMD isn’t easily seen. You can’t go more than 50 feet without tripping over an Intel ad in newspaper, radio or television. Can you hear the Intel jingle in your head? Do you remember the dancing lab workers dressed in shiny costumes looking like a toxic chemical “phat” crew on their way to American Bandstand? The reason is that AMD does not have a vault the size of Uncle Scrooge’s complete with diving board and piles of coins and bills to fund this pop culture marketing of processors.
Review Link : Icrontic

Crucial 6-in-1 Portable Card Reader review
In our umpteenth Flash card reader, we take a gander at the 6-in-1 Portable Card Reader, one of Crucial’s four new flash card readers. It’s discerning feature – a tuck away cable compartment and door. ... Here’s a snip:

“How many times have you downloaded images from your favorite digital camera only to have your camera batteries go flat? Transferring images from a camera to your computer is a very battery intensive task, and unless you use a power adaptor this has probably already happened to you at least once. Flash card readers are nothing new, but today we look at one of Crucial’s offerings, their 6-in-1 Portable Card Reader.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

Via Hyperion 4.46 Drivers: Are they really worth the install?
Turning your attention the Via's latest offering, I was wondering if these drivers would offer much more than what I was getting with the 4.45 variety, and pure curiosity got the better of me. I visited some forums and found the same old fight going on about the latest version and how it was affecting people computers. Some people had improvements (one yahoo claimed a 40% increase), some people claimed that there systems have slowed down, and some said that they had no difference.

More over at TweakNews

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