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Posted on Monday, March 17 2003 @ 9:52 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Enermax 3.5" System Monitor Transfer Panel
You can even adjust how the panel shows temps to have it show in either C (centigrade) or F (fahrenheit). Add it all up and this Enermax UC-A3FATR2 3.5" Panel is one very usefull little device. And since it fits in a 3'5" bay you can leave your larger 5.25" bays for other things.

Review Link : PCAbusers

FrogPad - Revolutionary One-Hand Keyboard for Mobile Devices
Ultra-small keyboard features ergonomic key layout that is designed around the 15 most-used letters of the English alphabet, and adapts to the natural drumming motion of the human hand. The FrogPad keyboard measures 3” x 3” and features full-sized keys, all in 1/5th of the space taken by a traditional Qwerty keyboard. The letter layout of the keyboard is based on the percent usage of each letter in the English language. The fifteen letters that are used 86% of the time by most typists are placed in the most efficient locations on the keyboard. It was also designed using the natural drumming motion of the hand. The FrogPad keyboard will be licensed as the embedded UI to wireless Internet device manufacturers, including manufacturers of USB-compatible PDA's, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs and wireless phones. FrogPad will also be featuring the new licensing model for the MiniPad pc.
Review Link : I4U

Vantec EZ-Swap Mobile IDE Rack
Hard Drive caddy's are nothing new but as with more and more items from manufacturers lately, Vantec have added a host of useful extra's to give them the edge above the competition.

"The EZ Swap 102FD doesn't hinder the drive compared to it being directly connected to the IDE interface in the slightest, with speeds remaining the same as without the EZ Swap being used. As the graph shows, temperatures are pretty good and within specifications for such a drive."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

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