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Posted on Friday, March 21 2003 @ 14:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

RATPADZ GS Mouse Surface Review
Mousing surfaces, today in gaming or using your computer for long periods of time can be very important. Important, how you might ask. Ergonomics is one reason, and speed and accuracy is another. I have tested a surface that delivers both, speed and comfort. Now you can match the superior technology of your computer with a mousing surface! Come on and check out the RATPADZ GS, I don't see where you can go wrong with this superior surface for your mouse! Don't snooze and loose on this one.

Review Link : Furioustech Panel Wrap
We have a new review up on a panel wrap from Here is a snip from the review: "You may be one of those people actually hand-made an awesome modded case, but everytime you take it to the local lan party, it ends up getting dinged or scratched. That's the market that is targeting; those who can't afford an airbrush artist to turn your case into art, those who don't have the time nor skill to do it themselves, and those who drag their cases around from lan to lan while their expensive paint job is continually under assault."

Review Link : PimpRig

CeBIT 2003, full report with lots of pictures
Hardware Analysis' CeBIT 2003 coverage. Want to know what is happening at CeBIT? What products are on display? Or just personal things we want to share? Here's our full CeBIT 2003 report from the Hannover Messe.
Review Link : Hardware Analysis

CompUSA window kit and case cutting tool
I was recently in the checkout line at CompUSA taking care of a little modem problem for my mother-in-law when the impulse urge became too great. Being flush with cash (for the moment, anyway!) I dropped some cash for a case window and a case cutting tool. The case window was rectangular in shape with rounded corners, measuring about 8.5” x 11” (SKU #293586). The packaging of the case cutting tool (SKU #293589) says that it will cut up to 18 guage steel and up to 1.5mm aluminum, copper, or plastic. I paid about $10 for each item.
Review Link : MHW

Key Digital XBlaster
With HDTV encroaching on the horizon, we continue our editorial push of products in this new market. Today, we look at special dongle which allows consoles to convert from a VGA source to a Component Video output all the while enabling HDTV progressive and interlaced output. Here’s a snip:

“The XBlaster from Key Digital Systems is a video transcoder that takes component output and converts it into VGA input for display on most monitors and projectors. Now, at last, the console gamer can enjoy progressive scan gaming at a fraction of the previous price. But is progressive scan gaming all it is cracked up to be? And how well does the XBlaster provide it?”

Review Link : EnvyNews

Wonder about your PCs CPU and RAM usage? Wonder how to help manage them better? Read on about just such a helpful utility program.

Review Link : ASE Labs

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