AMD met 333MHz FSB

Posted on Saturday, August 17 2002 @ 13:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Nvidia heeft bevestigd dat AMD processors gaat produceren met een FSB van 333MHz
Jen Hsun was proud to say that Nvidia has the highest performance and feature DDR 400 chipset with the first industry support for 333 FSBs.

So yes, it's true, Athlon will eventually evolve to 333 MHZ FSB and will be able to stay in track for P4 533 MHz fight. To remind, you even the ancient SIS 735 chipset had support for FSB 333. We are not sure when AMD will introduce these chips but we reckon rather sooner than later. Nforce 2 will be very popular if the prices are targeted in the right area.

Bron : The Inquirer

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