Apple not planning WiFi iPod

Posted on Tuesday, August 22 2006 @ 0:03 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Apple issued a statement indicating that a iPod with Wi-Fi features doesn't exist and that it isn't working on one.
However, some industry analysts say otherwise. In some recent news reports, Apple was said to have been sending employees to Asia to train local employees on how to sell a new Wi-Fi iPod. Apple has also dismissed these claims.

Rumors about upcoming iPods are abundant but so far Apple has been tight lipped about upcoming products. During its World Wide Developers Conference last week, Apple did not make any new announcements about the iPod family. Despite this, DailyTech previously reported that Apple filed for several patents relating to mobile audio communications. The first patent details on how an iPod or other mobile device can communicate back to its user verbally, speaking back menu names and selections. Something like this can definitely be useful in situations where visual focus needs to be maintained on something more critical, such as driving.
More info at DailyTech.

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