Gogole Apps - an online Office

Posted on Monday, August 28 2006 @ 18:21 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Google today released Google Apps for Your Domain, a service of web-based productivity apps that includes Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Page Creator.
Notably absent from the menu are Writely, and Google Spreadsheets, which respectively provide basic word-processing and spreadsheet functions that would be essential for a productivity suite, a la the more feature-rich Microsoft Word and Excel. Also, Google has yet to unveil an application that could rival Microsoft PowerPoint.

With Google Apps for Your Domain, organizations can tailor the included applications' UIs with their own branding, and they can pick and choose which services to use. Moreover, there's a Web-based management interface through which admins can manage their user account list, set up aliases and distribution lists, and enable the services they want for their domain. End-users will be to access their apps from any Web-connected computer.
More info at InfoWorld.

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