Intel wants more optimization for multicore

Posted on Monday, August 28 2006 @ 23:59 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel will release development tools designed to help programmers and software companies to take advantage of the added computing power of multi-core PCs.
The chip giant has forecast that by the end of this year, about 70 percent of its chips will be multicore. That is, each processor will host more than one processing unit, a design that increases performance without increasing power consumption.

A new product, called Intel Threading Building Blocks, is an extension to the C++ programming language used to ease the process of writing parallel routines, or threads, within an application, said James Reinders, director or marketing for Intel's developer products division.

Two of Intel's existing multithreading tools, called Intel Thread Checker 3.0 and Intel Thread Profiler 3.0, add support for 64-bit processors and the Linux operating system, he said.
Read more over at CNET.

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