Sony PSP2 rumours

Posted on Sunday, September 03 2006 @ 0:11 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer writes PSP2 rumours have appeared again.
The 'PSP2' will be an incremental upgrade, suggesting its basic technical specs won't change, but will incorporate a camera, 8GB of integrated flash memory and a slot-loaded UMD drive.

The declaration within the article concerning the 8GB of internal memory, comes from reports that Sony recently made a deal with Samsung to purchase 'a large amount of 8GB flash memory chips' - apparently numerous semiconductor industry reports specify the memory is to be built into the new PSP, albeit the Inq can't find any references to these 'reports'. Inclusion of a large memory pool would negate the need for the use of memory sticks that are used with the current system - at the moment only a paltry 32MB memory stick comes with the PSP Value Pack.
More info over here.

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