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Posted on Friday, April 04 2003 @ 14:14 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Enermax 3.5" System Monitor Control Panel
The aluminum face is very tastefully done, Enermax refrained from plastering graphics all over the front. The only graphics on the front is a discreet Enermax label on the top left and function labels under the buttons and knobs. You old-timers will need to break out your bifocals in order to read the text labels, they are very small

Review Link : PimpRig

PSC605 Sonic Edge 5.1 soundcard from Philips
For years, there has been one major player in the sound card industry: Creative, with its near ubiquitous SoundBlaster. I have to admit that I’ve been a SoundBlaster bitch myself for many years, and I never really wondered if some other company would offer me a better product. We’ve seen many companies come and go while trying their hand at dislodging the leader. Today, we’ll take a look at one of these attempts, as we review the Sonic Edge 5.1 from Philips.

Review Link : LANParty

The ZM80-HP GPU Heatsink
Silent top of the range graphics card cooling? More and more of us work towards a quieter pc which means a few low rpm fans or if possible none at all. However, as computers get faster they all generate more heat, look at any middle to top of the range graphics card on the market today and you will find it has a heatsink and fan combo on. Most of these fans are small, fast spinning and whiney little things that make you grate your teeth and keep you awake at night. So is it possible to cool one passively eliminating this problem? Apparently Zalman seem to think so!.........

.........It performs well considering its just two large passive heatsinks and a thin tube connecting them and does what it’s meant to do perfectly as long as you don’t have any incompatibilities. If you’re a hardcore overclocker and will want to overclock the core then I’d recommend at least one fan over it or a proper heatsink and fan combo.
Review Link : HwGuru

Banner design contest
Hello all. DeezTech is announcing their first banner design contest. We're going to give $100 in US currency to the best designed banner for the website.
Contest at Deeztech

OCZ DDR PC3500 Dual Channel EL Kit
With the nForce2 and the GNB being the boards to beat, we take a look at another dual channel kit to help you get the most out of your motherboard.
"A 235MHz (470MHz DDR) was the best we were able to manage while still maintaining stability. I did try the same overclock again, and lowered the ram back to CAS2, but while it got to the Windows logon screen, the PC just froze there. I also attempted 2.5-2-2-7, but again, the system crashed. In fact, the damage was so severe, a reinstall of Windows was required. Thank goodness for disk images."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Flexiglow Bubble Light & Sonic Driver
To start with, I have a confession to make. I love lighting. On my open test bed I have two LED cluster spots, 3 cold cathodes and a cold cathode fan. Naturally there is always a bit of room for more, however I now am only on the lookout for something just that bit different

Review Link : Modfathers

Corsair 512MB TwinX DDR Memory
These TwinX memory modules are more or less stress relievers for the PC enthusiast. What we mean by that is: Corsair did a little work for you so you wouldn't have to. Newer motherboards available are coming out with what is called Dual-Channel DDR. One might ask what the difference between XMS and TwinX is. The actual distinction is very insignificant. There are only two real disparities between the two are, first, that TwinX has a lower latency, and, second, physical testing is done to match each module as a pair for DualDDR technology. This assures stable, fast, and ready to ship memory for Dual-Channel technology motherboards.

Review Link : IpKonfig

Evercool WC-101 Liquid Cooling Kit Review
After removing the contents of the package out of the box, I was pretty skeptical in terms of whether or not this kit would be to perform as equally or better than and air cooled system. The main water cooling unit itself is the same identical size as a standard optical drive. During my initial inspection , I noted the unit was already primed and filled with coolant. I was surprised that Evercool would not ship the tubing separately instead of the current configuration. This provides a limitation for any consumer considering this package since most cases differentiate in size.

Review Link : MTB

Fortis C104L Cooler
Fortis tech have fulfilled the things we as computer enthusiasts have been searching for . They have listened to us and included the things we like to use with our coolers already in the box , Not having to spend extra for your silver compound it`s in there , no need for sand paper it`s in there also (though it is a very small piece). But they have listened that's what counts.
Review Link : Pc Tech Zone

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