NV44 to get TSAA with new ForceWare drivers?

Posted on Tuesday, September 05 2006 @ 2:23 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
It looks like the new ForceWare 91.47 WHQL drivers may add support for Transparency Anti-Aliasing on the GeForce 7100GS and the entire NV44 family.
There is a report from manufacturer on testing Forceware 91.47 WHQL that Transparency Anti-Aliasing is now supported not only by the latest GeForce 7100GS, but also Geforce 6200TC, seems that Transparency Anti-Aliasing is now enabled for NV44 family. Perhaps SLi is the unique function for GeForce 7100GS to distinguish from GeForce 6200TC.

To verify the guess, the manufacturer has tested the old Forceware 91.31WHQL and the latest and Forceware 91.47 WHQL, and the result is so supporting, Transparency Anti-Aliasing is disabled in the old driver. On the mean while, it found that Geforce 6600GT and Geforce 6800GS are also give support to Transparency Anti-Aliasing. Therefore, we suggest that IntelliSample 4.0 is newly added to Geforce 6 family silently that the release notes never mentioned.
More info at HKEPC.

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