AMD 65nm processors on track

Posted on Tuesday, September 05 2006 @ 20:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq says AMD's 65nm processors are on track:
The 1.4v operation is not a problem, we are told the first generation of 65nm parts are set for 1.35v, so if they had to go up to 1.4, well it is not a problem worth noting really. (For the pedantic, (1.4^2)/(1.35^2) ~= 1.075, or about an 8% increase)

More likely, the source had a mobo with a BIOS that rounded off a tad aggressively. In any case, we are told this version of the 65nm process is on target.

There is another bit to think about though, I said this version of 65, there is a new one coming early next year. That one will dramatically drop voltage and wattage consumed, leading to quad core parts that are on track for the speeds and power AMD promised.
More info over here.

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Re: AMD 65nm processors on track
by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 06 2006 @ 2:44 CEST
On track? What happened to Q3 of 2006? What is about to happen to Q4 of 2006? You know what, AMD has been late, and late, and late again. Now they bought ATI, who does much of the same stuff. Good partners the two of them. It'll be 2010 before they get anything genuinely new out the door...