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Posted on Sunday, April 06 2003 @ 18:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

X Dream SE Heatsink Review
We all dream about the perfect overclock! Could this cooler be the answer to the overclocker's dream. Come and check out the new offering from Cooler Master. I put it thru the paces and I liked what I saw. Don't daydream and miss this review. If you want to put out the fire from your CPU check out this dream of a cooler!

Review Link : Furioustech

Senfu DIY Tech Station
Most computer cases are simple rectangular boxes used to mount the internal components and isolate the outside world from the fragile and sometimes dangerous inner workings. But if you are a technically savvy user, who is constantly swapping parts and evaluating different components, you may not need nor want a typical case restricting access to the goodies inside. If so, the Senfu DIY Tech Station may be just the case for you!

Review Link : Systemcooling

Dremel 395 Multi-Pro
If you're into case modding one of the most popular tools used is a Dremel. Today we take a look at the Dremel Multi-pro 395.

Review Link : TechTastic

Monsoon MH505 vs. Altec Lansing 5100
Stereo changed that and allowed each speaker to play a different sound signal. But why stop there? Why not have another set of stereo speakers behind you playing a stereo signal? That would allow the user to be immersed in a left/right/rear left/rear right sound. Then what about a center channel too? Soon speaker manufactures realized there is virtually no end to the ways we can improve audio..

Review Link : Unique Hardware

Working with plastics howto
Our resident paint pimp (Professional auto paint specialist) has a new article up on working with plastics. Here is a snip from the article:

"Mixing Icing is easier to show than to explain. If memory is correct, I think it is to be mixed 50:1. With body filler, an inch of hardener, per a golf ball size of putty was a general rule of thumb. Finishing putty is a lot thinner and runs flat on the mixing board so that is hard to judge."

More at PimpRig

pcToys Cold Cathode Kits
As if custom fan grills and plexiglas windows aren't enough, a must for any case modder is the ability to illuminate the insides of their PC. Many of my non-technical friends and family members fail to really see the point in such expenses. That's like asking women why they need jewelry! Today we take a look at a pcToys cold cathode...
Review Link : WinHq

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