Samsung presents 40'' LCD TV with LED backlight

Posted on Thursday, September 07 2006 @ 1:24 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Samsung make another breakthrough in LCD TV technology, with the release of a number of premium LCD TVs that boast high picture quality, advanced features and elegant design.

Samsung announced the release of a 40" LCD TV with high powered LED Backlight technology, which received Europe's prestigious "Innovation Award" from the EISA (European Image and Sound Association) for its superb features including LED light source, 146% wide colour gamut and industry leading contrast ratio (10,000:1).

At the same time, 40" and 46" LCD models that support full HD resolution (1920x1080p) - double the previous best HD performance (1366x768, 1080i) - and provide high contrast (6000:1) are also introduced.

The new 40" with LED light source realises far richer colour reproduction, based on a wide colour gamut that is 46% improved from previous models and enables unprecedented sound volume. High Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Samsung's proprietary technology, provides deeper and more refined images with the highest contrast in the industry.

The LED LCD TV also brings a new level to the clarity of moving images, based on Samsung's exclusive LCD 100 Hz video quality enhancement technology. A TV screen displays about 50 frames per second, which can create drag in fast-moving videos. Samsung's LCD 100 Hz inserts a frame between each two frames, considerably reducing motion blur. The inserted frame maintains the detailed motion characteristic of the video, and goes through motion estimation and compensation processing. Therefore, compared to a mere duplication and insertion of frames, more natural motion can be realised without undermining other characteristics such as clarity, brightness and colour.

The LED light source helps increase the panel life two fold compared to previous CCFL panels. The light source is also environmentally friendly because it uses no Mercury.

Samsung also released 40" and 46" LCD TVs that realise the best picture quality and perfectly complement the Blu-ray disc player by supporting full HD resolution (1920x1080p), double the previous best HD resolution (1366x768, 1080i). It is expected that various multimedia devices based on full HD, as well as full HD multimedia content created by world-leading movie content producers will increase rapidly. In this regard, Samsung's new 40" and 46" models will play a crucial role in the new era of full HD LCD TV.

Besides picture quality, the new LCD TVs are elegant ornaments for any environment, with a high gloss finish, transparent bottom plate, hidden bar speaker, and swivel stand. The stylish ocean blue LED indicator light illuminates the transparent bottom plate with the colour of the ocean at sunset.

Furthermore, Samsung's new LCD TV provides advanced connectivity, exceptional gaming images, surround sound, viewing flexibility, and low energy consumption.

The unparalleled picture quality of Samsung's new LCD TVs can be optimised for gaming at the touch of a button. In addition, it delivers dark area enhancement, H-sharpness control, and surround sound effects to produce an exciting, magical environment.

For more powerful connectivity, Samsung's new LCD TVs has WiseLink™ which offers extended "10 in 3" compatibility, connecting into: Multi Memory Slot (MMS), USB, and Printer Port, 2HDMI which simultaneously connect two devices with full signal transmission.

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Re: Samsung presents 40'' LCD TV with LED backlight
by Anonymous on Thursday, September 07 2006 @ 4:19 CEST
Given that the light would be smaller, and the panel already exists, how far away could a 30" LCD monitor with LED backlights be?

Hopefully not far!