AMD's 65nm processors to arrive in October

Posted on Friday, September 08 2006 @ 23:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
AMD is aiming to ship its first 65nm processors next month.
According to Toralf Gueldner, director of production at AMD's Dresden fabs, the company has been able to produce 65 nm products since June. This has been followed by 'full flow' this month [September 2006] and will be followed by serious 65 nm shipments in October.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Gueldner expects AMD to be "fully converted" over to 65 nm by mid-2007. He didn't elaborate, however.

Gueldner also revealed that AMD had already created its first 45 nm test chips. In the distant future they will be followed by 32 nm and 22 nm products.

What AMD really wanted to talk about is the gradual conversion of its existing Fab 30 over to 300 mm wafers from 200 mm. AMD will then rename the Fab from 30 to Fab 38. It should then start producing its first 20K 300 mm wafers from Fab 38 in Q1 2008.
More info over here.

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