Microsoft to bundle Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive?

Posted on Monday, September 11 2006 @ 16:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Microsoft says it won't ship a Xbox 360 with a built-in HD DVD drive but it's possible that the company will release a bundle with the Xbox 360 and HD DVD player at discount.
Microsoft will reportedly sell external HD DVD drive for as much as £199 (approximately €292, $371), which is substantially higher price-tag than expected originally. However, Microsoft is planning to bundle premium Xbox 360 game console and external HD DVD player “for under £400” (about €586, $746), reports web-site. The price of the bundle could even be lower than that of PlayStation 3, which supports Blu-ray disc player.

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft would sell the external HD DVD drive for $199. However, Microsoft is quoted as indicating that due to shortages of blue-laser diodes, Microsoft is reluctant to launch a hardware piece on the markets, which does not have enough movies, particularly, in Asia. Nevertheless, even though that there are virtually no HD DVD or Blu-ray disc movies in the European Union as well, the information reported above means that Microsoft will still make the external HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 available in the EU.
More info at X-bit Labs.

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