Nintendo announces Wii launch date, price

Posted on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 15:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Nintendo announced it will release the Wii console for 25,000 yen on December 2 in Japan.
'With the launch of Wii, we are entering the second phase of our challenge, aimed at expanding the game player population, after the success of our Nintendo DS,' Iwata said.

Comparatively, the PS3 20-gigabyte hard disc version will be sold for 62,790 yen each in Japan while the 60-gigabyte unit will retail for more than 75,000 yen apiece.

Microsoft said recently it was cutting the price of its Xbox360 to 29,800 yen each, from an initial tag price of 37,900 yen.

Iwata stressed that even at this cheap price, Wiii should contribute to its profit growth from the initial year of sales.

He reiterated Nintendo's previous commitment to deliver 4.0 mln Wii consoles before the end of this year and 6.0 mln units by the end of March next year.
The European or US release dates and prices aren't known yet but there are rumours that the console will be launched on November 19 in the US for $250. More details at Forbes.

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