2.5TB HDDs by 2009

Posted on Monday, September 18 2006 @ 7:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Seagate says we'll have hard drives with a capacity of 2.5 terabytes by 2009.
Seagate CEO Bill Watkins claims "Breakthroughs in areal density are enabling the digital revolution and clearly indicate that hard drives can sustain their advantage to meet the world's insatiable demand for storage across a wide range of market segments."

According to the press release put out by Seagate, the company claims a 1.8" disk drive produced on the same 421 Gbits per square inch technology would result in a 275GB hard drive. 2.5" drives on the density would level out around 500GB, and fully fledged 3.5" hard drives would be able to house a density of 2.5 terabytes. Perhaps even more exciting is that Seagate "anticipates that solutions at these density levels could begin to emerge in 2009."
More details over here.

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