Low-voltage 4MB Meroms coming in January

Posted on Friday, September 22 2006 @ 3:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel's latest roadmaps shows L7400 and L7200 low-voltage Merom processors with 4MB cache, clocked at 1.50GHz and 1.33GHz respectively with a 667MHz FSB. They are priced at $315 and $285.
Intel will also introduce an ultra low voltage component - the U1500 - a Core Solo microprocessor, which will have 2MB of cache, clock at 1.33GHz and have a bus speed of 533MHz.

The firm is also readying the 520 Celeron Mobile in January for around $130 - this has 1MB of cache, clocks at 1.60GHz and has a 533MHz system bus.

Generally speaking, it is holding prices of its other range of Merom notebook processors steady - this indicates to us that it feels it has an advantage over the competition from AMD for quite some few months.

Intel's 943GML chipset is slated for an introduction in the first quarter of next year - this supports DDR2-533 and an FSB of 533MHz. In the second quarter it will introduce the GM965 and the PM 965, which supports DDR-2 667MHz bus speeds, and based on ICH8M and ICH8M enhanced.
More details over at The Inq.

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