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Posted on Monday, April 21 2003 @ 5:31 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

VLSystem Multi Power Port review
Having just ordered Papst fans with 3pin tails for my new Antec case, I was in dire need of a fan bus. My motherboard only has two 3pin headers and one is for the CPU fan. So, the alternative was a bunch of ugly 3pin to Molex adapters. I could have just ordered the fans with Molex tails, but that's another story. When the fans arrived I used a bunch of adapters, which soon got very ugly and cluttered up my case. Thanks to VLSystem's new MPP Plus, a solution presented itself
Review Link : Ascully

Extreme PC 3500 Roundup
The current ram market is bloated with a plethora of different products and choices. However, more and more products are being produced and aimed at the enthusiast crowd: the overclockers. With this in mind, many companies have set out to create “The Ultimate Overclocking Ram”. Specifically, the P4 powered 845PE chipset has had an incredible thirst for memory speed and with the recently released Canterwood, memory bandwidth is essential. Nforce2 motherboards have also displayed a substantial need for memory speed. Today we have 4 pairs of PC3500 from a slew of top manufacturers. Included in this roundup will be sticks from (alphabetical order) Corsair, Geil, Kingston, and Mushkin

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

New Site and Matrix Orbital MX212 Contest
“The guys at GruntvillE have been hard at work on their new site and it SHOWS! A fresh new theme to the site and forums has arrived and they want you to come see it. They must want you to swing by bad as they’re having yet another giveaway. A nice warm welcome if you ask me. This time it’s the hot new Matrix Orbital MX212 USB LCD. Swing by and check out the new site and make sure you get the low down on the giveaway!”

“I felt it was about time to thank all of our readers by doing another giveaway. The DawG PounD Giveaway is not a one time thing. In fact we’ll be doing it about every other month … or so. We’ll do our best to make sure that the items we offer are items that just about anyone would love to have. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck it is that we’re giving away…. Well read on already!”

More at GruntVilE

Aero 7 from Coolermaster
Coolermaster is on to something here. Even though the fan does not perfectly center the air, judging by my testing it does so enough to still make it more effective than standard fans. The skived heatsink is all one piece, adding to the performance. But the fan, oh yes the Aero 7's fan. It is a major step in the right direction! It is the difference maker here.

Review Link : PCA

EasyDisk 128MB USB Drive Review
The drive itself is very small and compact. It sports a plain black color and uses rubber as its material of choice. This can be a bad thing because it picks up dust, etc. The advantage of rubber is the grip it gives you. At the side of the unit, we have a switch. This switch is a write-protection feature such as floppies has. If you do not want people saving things to your drive, just simply switch it on.
Review Link : Modsynergy

2 for 1 review of the Sunbeam EL-Strip & Lazer LED
Modding your PC has never been easier; Just log on to your online PC accssesory vendor and order a handful of colorful mod accessories for your beloved boxen. Then tastefully & tactfully bestow upon your windowed box a carnival of color...satisfaction is guaranteed!
Review Link : MHW

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