Intel Robson makes programs load 1.5x faster

Posted on Wednesday, September 27 2006 @ 21:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The fourth generation Centrino is nothing more than mixing the G965 chipset in its mobile iteration with 802.11n Wi-Fi chip and Robson Technology aka NAND Flash memory on the motherboard. We have talked with several people from the Intel Flash Memory group about the tech in detail: Robson Tech is a code-name for NAND flash chip that accelerates load time for Vista, and significantly improves load times of applications, often even in a factor of two.

When compared to Santa Rosa without the flash memory, the load times for applications showed double improvement, while the performance was raised by the factor of 1.5, which only speaks about just how much app components stays on the hard drive, even if the amount of system memory isn't a problem.

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