Intel 5th gen Centrino to arrive in 2008 with WiMAX

Posted on Wednesday, September 27 2006 @ 21:32 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel says it plans to make WiMAX as ubiquitous as WiFi . It will be integrated into its 5th generation Centrino platform which will arrive in 2008.
Naturally Intel didn't miss the opportunity to quote Sprint saying its '4G' network using WiMax was going to provide a service which is four times faster than the opposition and one tenth of the cost to roll out.

Otellini claimed that between Sprint and Clearwire, virtually the whole of the USA would be covered by WiMax and that around 100 million people would have access to it.

Intel claims there are at least 200 WiMax trials taking place with 'telecoms operators' around the world. How many are 'national' operators, though?

He even dissed CDMA EVDO in the process as well as predicting that PC Cards compatible with the 802.16e (mobile WiMax) standard would be on sale by Q1 2007.
More details over at The Inq.

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